Saving on woodworking tools – tips and tricks

Woodworking is expensive hobby. At the very least, it’s not affordable, so a lot of people are looking for ways to save on tools to get started. And if you’re one of those people, you’re in luck because i’m the kind of person who researches for hours to find ways to save few extra bucks. I’ve decided to write this post because i’ve seen too many of my friends get discouraged from getting into DIY and home improvement just because they don’t have enough money. I try to convince them otherwise, but they point to expensive tool prices as an argument. But those costs can be reduced in few ways.

First and my favorite, is buying combos of several tools from one brand. It’s just like buying in bulk, so costs per unit are much lower. They’ve gotten much more affordable with modern age and the era of cordless tools. If you buy combo of tools from different manufacturers, you can use one battery for all those tools, therefore shaving big expense of buying batteries for each one individually.

If you don’t want cordless tools and prefer wired variety instead, see this list of best corded circular saws  available right now.

It does have disadvantages though. In particular, you might save on all tools combined in the combo deal, but there’s high chance that you won’t need at least few of those tools. But you might need them in the future, so it’s up to you to decide.

 In general, sticking to one brand is a wise choice. You can re-use batteries, and sometimes brands have loyalty programs as well. They want to make it as easy as possible to turn into their returning customer. For me, that brand is DeWalt. They build quality tools, and even though they’re quite expensive, i’d rather pay extra and be assured that my tools won’t fail me. It’s beneficiary relationship for both of us – brand and a client, so i would like to see companies do this more aggressively.

Bare tools, without charger and batteries, cost significantly less than the ones with them. So, by subscribing to one brand for all your purchases, you’re effectively saving 20-30% on all your tools. Especially for fast chargers. Those are pretty costly, yet very handy. So having one fast charger for all your tools is a nice bonus.

Some brands like Klein tools also offer loyalty program. Which works just like frequent fliers on airlines. For example, Klein offers points for each item you buy, and you can redeem certain amount of points for very nice prizes.

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