Power tool brands – how to pick the best product

In DIY woodworking world, brands are everything. Companies spend ton of money to make their brands stand out, and spend even more on improving their tools to perfection. But that’s not always the case, sometimes big brands sell things at high markup just because they can. I have a friend who is obsessed with DeWalt. All his tools are of DeWalt and even though seeing his complete set is pleasing to the eye, i think he’s stressing too much about brands. Yes, DeWalt is known for its quality and durability, but if you are occasional woodworker like he is, Ryobi tools, which usually cost half the price, will get the job done just as well.

 But there are so much brands, and it’s hard for beginners to distinguish between good and bad ones. That’s why i think having someone to guide you as you’re getting started is important, and if you don’t have anyone, research is key to doing it right. And that’s in part why i’m writing this.

 4 years ago my dad retired from woodworking, and naturally left me his large collection of tools. Some of them were as old as 30 years, and weren’t really that useful, so decided to keep them as vintage tools. But some Black and Decker and DeWalt tools from 15 years ago were still going strong, and were very ergonomic. Turns out, there was little change in design of circular saws in the past decade. Newer ones are safer, but i doubt they’ll last as long as these old tools have. But the reason why i told the story, is that brands change all the time. Take Black and Decker for example. It used to be one of the best brands out there, known for its quality and craftsmanship. Now, i don’t know who bought them or what happened to old production, but their products are cheap and crappy. I wouldn’t even recommend buying black and decker if you’re okay with cheap brands. In my opinion, the best among low budget brands is Ryobi. Their tools have lasted me a long time. Despite me being quite rough on them. So whenever you hear or read advice on power tool brands, always make sure that the person giving advice is qualified and knows what he or she’s talking about.

 One more thing that i wanted to say is that authenticity of a brand also depends on the too. Companies like Bosch and DeWalt usually both make great tools, but for example, DeWalt is the one making most durable tools right now. At first it was skill,  now it’s DeWalt, and in the future it might be some other brand. Also wanted to note that DeWalt’s batteries are also very good. Same for Bosch. No other brands come even close to these two.


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